About Lone Head Records


Lone Head Records is an Edinburgh Indie music Label set up by Richard Innes Mulvey for his music projects.

‘It all started back in 1990 with The Wordsmiths.’


Yeah my first band we use to practice in a garage in Penicuik. We were all very, very young. Inspired by the Madchester sound it was fun and it was a great time to be young and play music. The whole indie scene was really exciting. Great days.

‘Abstraction my second band was much more experimental. It also had the energy and anger of punk.’


Abstraction were an experiment – what could be done with indie music? Where is guitar based music heading? We played a lot of live shows in Edinburgh. But good old band politics tore us apart.

Knicker Boy was a music project I put together while studying music production at Jewel & Esk Valley College. It was good and clever – but what made it good also destroyed it. People were on the edge. Then they fell off.’


The people in this band were intense. It was what made it happen and work. Two ended up dead (drugs and suicide). It was great while it lasted but it could not last.

‘Haircuts From Mars was started because of home computer recording technology. I heard the future, and it sounded like Haircuts From Mars.’


I took what I had learned in recording studios and started to get into home recording. It was a liberation. The music world was changing and I wanted to be part of the change that was coming.

‘Abstract Greens was everything I wanted in music. I knew if I liked what I was doing – there would be other souls who would understand it. It was the sound in my head and finally I was able to get it recorded at home.’


It was a revelation that I could finally make and record the exact music that was in my head. No more band members to fight and argue with. No band politics. It was perfect for me. I wrote and recorded the songs. I had total control over the whole process including the artwork. The future had arrived.


I have been involved in various other side projects over the years and many of them have been released on Lone Head Records. These side projects will continue into the future. But my primary focus and drive is the Abstract Greens.


Thanks for checking out this blog

Cheers from Edinburgh

Richard Innes Mulvey




2 thoughts on “About Lone Head Records

  1. hi mate love this blog and the music on it,i think the wordsmiths are fantastic but i find it hard to find there music can you help

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