Indietronica Edinburgh



Indietronica is a strange style to define. But I will simply say that this is electronic music made with added guitars. To me that is the essence of ‘Indietronica’ This compilation album of various types of ‘Indietronica’. It has the electronic bleeps and beats to the more relaxed soundtracks. It is a showcase of what Edinburgh is up to on this music front.


Every City has it’s own sound and styles. When it comes to Indietronica – this is Edinburgh. Open your mind and ears to these sounds.





Abstract Greens – She Gives Me Night Sweats (Midnight Mix)


Abstract Greens start 2017 with a new remix of an old classic tune. ‘She Gives Me Night Sweats (Midnight Mix)’. This version has new guitar tracks and I used my new Waves Plugins on the mix. This really helped with me get the sound I was after. Never did girl trouble sound so good to me! Very pleased with the sound of this track. Check it out and enjoy.


‘New sounds for the new year! Have a great 2017!’