Abstract Greens – Save the Bees


New single from Abstract Greens. Released May 2017 on Lone Head Records. A song about the decline of bees in the developed world. What are we doing to nature and this planet?




Loanhead Gala Day – Various Artists Indie Compilation Album


Lone Head Records have released some weird and wonderful music over the years. So it was with great pleasure to put out this album with the sounds of the Scottish Underground Indie Scene.

‘If you really want to know what is going on in any city, listen to the music created by its bands and artists. It tell you all you need to know.’

This 25 track album is a great mixture of all the bands and artists that have recorded and released music on Lone Head Records since 2000. I have to say that I am so proud of all the music on this album. It brings back such happy and wonderful memories. I hope you have time to check out the songs.

‘These tracks are the authentic sound of Edinburgh, the lives and the loves of the city, the dreams and the despair, the people and the places.’



Abstract Greens – Strange Daze Dreams

Abstract Greens release a new album ‘Strange Daze Dreams’. This is a psychedelic pop and rock album. It takes the vibe of that retro 1960’s sound and mixes it with the modern indie electro influences.

I took the vibes of those classic 1960’s bands we all love – The Beatles, The Stones, The Small Faces, The Kinks, The Doors, and Love. Plus many more. Adding into this heady mix the much more modern electro indie sound palette. This melting pot was the basis for ‘Strange Daze Daze’.

Also just as important was the general influence of those masters of the dream experience – The Surrealists. Then recording and mixing in my own Lo-Fi studio to brew up something a bit special.

With todays modern computer technology – music making no longer belongs to the rich and connected. If you have the time and focus – you can make that album of your dreams.

The dream factory was working flat-out – now the work is complete. In many ways this album can perhaps be summed as Scottish Working Class Indie Pop Psychedelia.

So don’t go round thinking ‘Any dream will do’. No – This is time for some ‘Strange Daze Dreams’.


Indietronica Edinburgh



Indietronica is a strange style to define. But I will simply say that this is electronic music made with added guitars. To me that is the essence of ‘Indietronica’ This compilation album of various types of ‘Indietronica’. It has the electronic bleeps and beats to the more relaxed soundtracks. It is a showcase of what Edinburgh is up to on this music front.


Every City has it’s own sound and styles. When it comes to Indietronica – this is Edinburgh. Open your mind and ears to these sounds.




Abstract Greens – Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher Chords

I have had requests for the chords to the Abstract Greens song ‘Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher’. Well here are the chords

The song uses the Chords A B7 D Dsus4

I mostly play the chords as barre chords. You can of course also just play the open chords. On the recording I do both. But the main part is barre chords.

A                                      B7

Maggie Thatcher was a Milk Snatcher

D                         Dsus4

Or so my father said

D                         Dsus4

When I lived in Loanhead

A                                  B7

1984 she destroyed the miners

D             Dsus4

Going to school

D             Dsus4

Life was so cruel

A                                    B7

I remember you had designer hair

D                 Dsus4

Three cans a day

D                       Dsus4

You blew the Ozone away


This is basically how it carries on.  Listen to the track to hear the guitar rhythm for the D to Dsus4 parts.


Words and music by Richard Innes Mulvey.


Abstract Greens – She Gives Me Night Sweats (Midnight Mix)


Abstract Greens start 2017 with a new remix of an old classic tune. ‘She Gives Me Night Sweats (Midnight Mix)’. This version has new guitar tracks and I used my new Waves Plugins on the mix. This really helped with me get the sound I was after. Never did girl trouble sound so good to me! Very pleased with the sound of this track. Check it out and enjoy.


‘New sounds for the new year! Have a great 2017!’