Indietronica Edinburgh



Indietronica is a strange style to define. But I will simply say that this is electronic music made with added guitars. To me that is the essence of ‘Indietronica’ This compilation album of various types of ‘Indietronica’. It has the electronic bleeps and beats to the more relaxed soundtracks. It is a showcase of what Edinburgh is up to on this music front.


Every City has it’s own sound and styles. When it comes to Indietronica – this is Edinburgh. Open your mind and ears to these sounds.





Abstract Greens – Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher Chords

I have had requests for the chords to the Abstract Greens song ‘Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher’. Well here are the chords

The song uses the Chords A B7 D Dsus4

I mostly play the chords as barre chords. You can of course also just play the open chords. On the recording I do both. But the main part is barre chords.

A                                      B7

Maggie Thatcher was a Milk Snatcher

D                         Dsus4

Or so my father said

D                         Dsus4

When I lived in Loanhead

A                                  B7

1984 she destroyed the miners

D             Dsus4

Going to school

D             Dsus4

Life was so cruel

A                                    B7

I remember you had designer hair

D                 Dsus4

Three cans a day

D                       Dsus4

You blew the Ozone away


This is basically how it carries on.  Listen to the track to hear the guitar rhythm for the D to Dsus4 parts.


Words and music by Richard Innes Mulvey.


C Harness – Assistance Required (Prozac Mix)

C - HarnessI personally don’t know many songs about social anxiety and social alienation. But this is one I was involved in. C Harness (not his real name) is a good friend. He is a bus driver here in Edinburgh.  One day he was over at the house and we were talking about songwriting. I was asking him about song ideas from real life. Then we came to the conclusion that something dark like social anxiety should be the topic for a track.

We recorded the song over the next 3 – 4 hours upstairs in my bedroom studio. He played the organ and did the bass. I played the guitar and got the drums and beats completed. We both did some vocal duties. I mixed it the next day and it was complete after a touch of mastering a week later.

For a song about such a depressing subject it has proved an undeniably popular track – much to our satisfaction.  I think people like to know they are not alone when it comes to having problems and issues.  Surely one of the great appeals of  bands like The Smiths or Radiohead?

The darkest hour always come before the dawn…