Abstract Greens Playlist on Spotify

Abstract Greens – Indie music from Edinburgh. Check out their music on Spotify. Scottish Indie and neo psychedelia at it’s best.  Share and spread the music and the love. All the best from Edinburgh!


The Wordsmiths on Spotify

When it comes to great Madchester and Baggy Vibes from Scotland. It has to be The Wordsmiths. Originally formed in Penicuik these young lads took the legendary sound of Madchester and made it their own. Why not take a trip down memory lane and enjoy the sounds of The Wordsmiths. Now available on Spotify.

Tambourine Suicides – Midnight in the Garden of You (Single)


Edinburgh’s very own dedicated followers of unrequited passion – Tambourine Suicides return with a single that is aimed at rejection and loneliness. Heartbreak and romantic desperation. Nothing is more profund than heartbreak and all that entails. So rejoice and celebtrate the romantic despair that we must all suffer to realise that we are alive!


‘I know it’s only a dream. But your’e the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.’



Loanhead Gala Day – Various Artists Indie Compilation Album


Lone Head Records have released some weird and wonderful music over the years. So it was with great pleasure to put out this album with the sounds of the Scottish Underground Indie Scene.

‘If you really want to know what is going on in any city, listen to the music created by its bands and artists. It tell you all you need to know.’

This 25 track album is a great mixture of all the bands and artists that have recorded and released music on Lone Head Records since 2000. I have to say that I am so proud of all the music on this album. It brings back such happy and wonderful memories. I hope you have time to check out the songs.

‘These tracks are the authentic sound of Edinburgh, the lives and the loves of the city, the dreams and the despair, the people and the places.’