Abstract Greens – Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher Chords

I have had requests for the chords to the Abstract Greens song ‘Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher’. Well here are the chords

The song uses the Chords A B7 D Dsus4

I mostly play the chords as barre chords. You can of course also just play the open chords. On the recording I do both. But the main part is barre chords.

A                                      B7

Maggie Thatcher was a Milk Snatcher

D                         Dsus4

Or so my father said

D                         Dsus4

When I lived in Loanhead

A                                  B7

1984 she destroyed the miners

D             Dsus4

Going to school

D             Dsus4

Life was so cruel

A                                    B7

I remember you had designer hair

D                 Dsus4

Three cans a day

D                       Dsus4

You blew the Ozone away


This is basically how it carries on.  Listen to the track to hear the guitar rhythm for the D to Dsus4 parts.


Words and music by Richard Innes Mulvey.